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Leaf Removal - At Hernandez Lawn Care & Landscaping we have the most efficient equipment in the industry used to remove leaves. Our equipment allows us to move large quantities of leaves quickly and without damaging property. We have over 21 years experience removing leaves from small residential properties, large parks, common ground and commercial buildings.
rock garden
Winters are mild in the Paducah area. We are just south of the snow belt, but can receive snow and ice. Most of the time the fallen snow will melt within 24 hours. But we have had a rare occasion of heavy snows. As rare as snow falls are, so is finding snow plows! We offer plowing services to our customers when needed. We also have a front end loader if needed.

plowing roads
snow plowing

Ice storms also occur and in 2009 the Paducah area experienced a 100 year storm. There was extensive damage in a 20 by 100 mile wide band. It took months to remove all the damaged trees. My crew with chain saws, loaders, trailers and hard work removed tons of debris.

ice storm
brick work

Brick work along the side of a house. This house is located next to a drainage area. The homeowner wanted a brick retaining structure to delineate his property. The area was leveled, bricks placed and then stone is packed inside the each brick.

The finished brick work, strong, solid and pleasing to the eye. The area behind the wall had dirt, plants and mulch added.
finished brick work
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