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Total landscaping services includes more than mowing lawns. We can maintain your property on a schedule or if you like provide one time services such as spring cleanup or fall trimming. landscaping
Estate grounds on a regular schedule to maintain lawn and all shrubbery. landscaping
Mowing mulching and trimming. Different color mulching materials are available to accent your property. residential landscaping
Rock or Texas Gardens; a low maintenance landscaping using rock formations or rocks artificially arranged to simulate natural conditions. The concept of rock gardens is believed to have been introduced from China and Japan into the Western world in the 17th century. They have gained wide popularity as an ideal method for the cultivation of mountain flora and for beautifying hilly, stony, or other awkward terrain. Rock plants usually have long roots that enable them to obtain moisture even when the surface is hot and dry. Low plants requiring well-drained conditions are suited to rock gardens. rock garden
Trimming to perfection trimming
This home owner needed both landscaping and drainage work. The property is sloped, moderate and heavy rains caused run offs with debris deposits on the drive and roadway. Lining a ditch with rock improves water flow, can trap trash and sediment and can reduce erosion. A properly maintained ditch lined with rock can even improve the property value. With a little work and some quality materials, any land owner can maintain a ditch lined with rock that will stand the test of time. rock ditch
Leaves - the mighty oak does not easily gives up its leaves in the fall. But with time and high winds these leaves are shed. We just experienced the coldest temperatures of the winter, it's in the low single digits this morning. Atlanta is choked with snow and ice. People are trapped in their cars on the interstate in many of southern cities. My hard working crew braved today's cold to blow and vacuum up the leaves in this residential community.
residential leaf pickup leaf blowing and pickup

Overgrown trees & bushes, a row of untrimmed hedges and lots of weeds. This homeowner gave us a call to fix this oversight. With a firm price and agreed date our crew went into action. The makeover was completed by the end of the day. The homeowner was very pleased and the neighbors are envious.

hedges trimmed

tree trimming

Ugly weeds everywhere growing for a long time. Roots are deep and no easy way to remove but to dig them up.


The finishing touch of laying down the mulch

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